Chasing the Wind

We never heard the starter gun, but we were in a new race.  One where the finish line was headed right for us.

ALS has always terrified me.  But as I watch this, and listen to the way he talks about how it affected his dad, it just reinforces the idea that the finish line is headed for us regardless.  It came a little earlier than expected for his dad (in a particularly tortuous way), but nobody is guaranteed the 20 or 30 years he missed.

Plus, you know, beautiful cinematography, windsurfing (apparently I want to be a windsurfer), and motorcycles in the desert.  These people know how to get me.

Bonus quote, from the description:

The proper function of man is to live, not exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them, I shall use my time.

Jack London



I dare you to watch this and not enjoy it.  Let me walk you through the emotional rollercoaster you’re about to embark on:

:00 – :50 | I guess this is like, costumed breakdancing with tap boots?  Novel.  I’ll give this about a minute, pat myself on the back for being “cultured”, and be on my way.

1:00 | Quite the costumed call-out there, black boots.  Part of me wants to mock, but he’s so committed, so fearless about it.  Lets see what white boots has to say.

1:30 | I think white boots is the literal definition of panache.  I can’t let this go quite yet.

2:20 | I guess this is on.  This is happening. Nobody is backing down here.  Still – I’ve seen them both dance now,  I’m certainly not going to watch this whole thing.  I’m an adult with things to do.  I’m surprised I made it through 2 minutes.

2:35 | I realize they’re commanding the live band by tapping their boots.  I can’t lie, I’m suddenly flush in the cheeks.

3:10 | How many spins was that?  Did anybody see that?

3:10 – 15:00 | Did i just watch this for 15 minutes?  There’s no way I just watched this for 15 minutes.

15:15 | WHEN DID BLACK BOOTS’ HAT COME OFF?  Gather round, everybody, it’s about to get real.

16:05 | Add “take off my scarf and jump rope with it” to the bucket list.

18:13 | I did it.  I watched 18 minutes of this.  And somehow, I’m disappointed it’s over.


I don’t know what this is.  I don’t know what the rules are.   I don’t know who won (yes I do, black boots definitely won).  But It was good.  They were good.  They were passionate, talented, practiced, and committed.  And that’s fun to watch.

Bravo, mystery dancers.

Courtesy of digg.