I dare you to watch this and not enjoy it.  Let me walk you through the emotional rollercoaster you’re about to embark on:

:00 – :50 | I guess this is like, costumed breakdancing with tap boots?  Novel.  I’ll give this about a minute, pat myself on the back for being “cultured”, and be on my way.

1:00 | Quite the costumed call-out there, black boots.  Part of me wants to mock, but he’s so committed, so fearless about it.  Lets see what white boots has to say.

1:30 | I think white boots is the literal definition of panache.  I can’t let this go quite yet.

2:20 | I guess this is on.  This is happening. Nobody is backing down here.  Still – I’ve seen them both dance now,  I’m certainly not going to watch this whole thing.  I’m an adult with things to do.  I’m surprised I made it through 2 minutes.

2:35 | I realize they’re commanding the live band by tapping their boots.  I can’t lie, I’m suddenly flush in the cheeks.

3:10 | How many spins was that?  Did anybody see that?

3:10 – 15:00 | Did i just watch this for 15 minutes?  There’s no way I just watched this for 15 minutes.

15:15 | WHEN DID BLACK BOOTS’ HAT COME OFF?  Gather round, everybody, it’s about to get real.

16:05 | Add “take off my scarf and jump rope with it” to the bucket list.

18:13 | I did it.  I watched 18 minutes of this.  And somehow, I’m disappointed it’s over.


I don’t know what this is.  I don’t know what the rules are.   I don’t know who won (yes I do, black boots definitely won).  But It was good.  They were good.  They were passionate, talented, practiced, and committed.  And that’s fun to watch.

Bravo, mystery dancers.

Courtesy of digg.

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