Chasing the Wind

We never heard the starter gun, but we were in a new race.  One where the finish line was headed right for us.

ALS has always terrified me.  But as I watch this, and listen to the way he talks about how it affected his dad, it just reinforces the idea that the finish line is headed for us regardless.  It came a little earlier than expected for his dad (in a particularly tortuous way), but nobody is guaranteed the 20 or 30 years he missed.

Plus, you know, beautiful cinematography, windsurfing (apparently I want to be a windsurfer), and motorcycles in the desert.  These people know how to get me.

Bonus quote, from the description:

The proper function of man is to live, not exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them, I shall use my time.

Jack London



A year or so ago, a guy I didn’t like died. We used to argue all the time over our opinions. Now he’s dead. I guess I won.

James Altucher | Choose Yourself (p. 163)

This made me giggle.  That’s all.

Of course, as I’m prone to telling anyone who will listen, we’re all dying,  right now.  I’ll save ruminations on that for another post.

I won’t even give the original context for this quote, because honestly, I didn’t find it very interesting – but as I mentioned with regards to Alan Watts, sometimes there’s a golden nugget of a sentence or idea in an otherwise boring, or nonsense paragraph, chapter, book (or person), and I’m not inclined to throw it out just because of where it lives.

For now, rest easy in the fact that some of the people you don’t like will die before you.  It won’t be your fault, you certainly would never hope for such a thing (you’re not a monster), but it will happen anyway.

And you’ll never admit it, but you’ll have won.