Cinder Cone

Cinder Cone is one of my favorite films on Vimeo, and I find myself coming back to it pretty often.  It’s hard to identify specifically what draws me to it so strongly, but it gets me every time – the music, the camera work, the general vibe, the fact that the project work is defined by seasons – it’s all just so good.

If I had to choose one moment though, it’s this one:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.29.43 PM.png

It’s so good, because the moment is so relatable.  He’s so excited about this treehouse (and who could blame him?  The location, the design, everything about it is amazing), he’s going to sleep in it before it’s done.  At first, it just seems like a funny little shot, and maybe that’s all it was intended to be – but it’s so good.  Life should be full of experiences in which you’re so excited about it (whatever it might be) coming together, you’re so excited about the outcome,  that you want to sleep in an unfinished treehouse.  Or you know, whatever the equivalent to “sleep in an unfinished treehouse” is for the thing you’re doing.

Or maybe I actually just want to spend every night in an unfinished treehouse.


One thought on “Cinder Cone”

  1. That is a good video. Such an amazing outcome. I’ll have the our tree house waiting for you when you get home to sleep in.


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