I just want us all to imagine how this day went:

It’s a Tuesday.

You wake up in the morning.  You’re in Alaska.  You’re a pro skier, but it’s summer time, so you’re doing whatever pro skiers do in the summer (Not sure what that is?  Buckle up.).

You get up, have some breakfast, give some thought to what you might do today.  Soon enough, you round up the crew, and head out to your plane.  Because you also have a pilot’s license, and a plane, I guess.  Why wouldn’t you?

So you take off, in your plane.  Where are you going?  Literally wherever you want.  Today, “wherever you want” seems to be up a river somewhere.  Why a river?  Because it’s beautiful, and while you’re there, you want to skim your wheels on it.  And, having done this before, and everyone having agreed that this is possibly the coolest thing that anyone has ever done, and they’re going to go ahead and follow you in a helicopter while you do it, to get it on film.

And then while the wheels are on the water, you accidentally hit the smoke briefly.  Because the smoke button is right next to the stick.  Or steering wheel. I don’t know, I’ve never flown a plane.

It’s a Tuesday.



Author’s note: I actually have no idea what day of the week this was filmed on. I’m sorry.

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